DRU YOGA with Cheryl Greaves

Yoga is a system of self-development dating back some 6,000 years. The benefits of yoga are still as relevant for us today as they always have been. The Sanskrit word "yoga" is translated as "union", a bringing into balance of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga can provide us with the "tools" to cope with the challenges of daily life, helping us to achieve a sense of calm and balance through the practice of yoga postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation.

'Dru' means...... still point.

There is a place a place within each one of us from which we draw our power.

It is a place of peace, a place of quiet, a place away from the noise and the chatter of the world.

It is the place to renew and recreate.

It is the place where we can hear the deepest yearnings of our heart.

It is a place where we must go if we are to truly live.

It is the still point.

With foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition and emphasis on flowing movements.

Dru Yoga can help increase energy levels, ease back pain and reduce stress.

It is designed to be practiced by people of all abilities and fitness levels and above all:

It will help you find that 'still point.'

Classes held on Mondays - 6 to 7.30pm and Thursdays - 9.30 to 11am

Telephone 07855085340 and e mail: cherylgreaves@hotmail.co.uk

The cost is: £30 for a block of 5 sessions.