Family Activities

Our family activities sessions are fun workshops for parents and children aged 3 to 8. We aim to foster a sense of awe and wonder, and to reinforce the values that parents teach at home. In each session, there are practical ideas for parents in supporting the spiritual development of children

Our sessions run from 10:30 am to noon, and dates for autumn 2016 are September 17, October 22, and December 10.

We aim to provide and share practical ideas for parents to support the spiritual development of their children without doctrine or dogma, and to encourage caring and sharing behaviour among children.

Please register by September 10 to receive the introductory notes in advance.

If you would like your child to grow with spiritual awareness but without doctrine or creed, these workshops are an opportunity to gather new ideas and share with like-minded people. Please plan to attend all three workshops so that you can share experiences with other parents.

The strategies are based on research into educational psychology starting with Steiner and Montessori and including current theories that are consistent with the wisdom of there early innovators.

The first workshop will introduce ways to share a sense of awe and wonderment with your child. Much of the time will be spent playing with children. In each workshop there will be an opportunity for parents and children to ‘show and tell’ about activities tried out at home.

If numbers require it, a Child Care assistant will support our activities. (Maximum of 10 families.)

Cost: £10 per family for three sessions to help offset costs of materials and a child care assistant if required.

Enquiries: Ralph Catts or phone Hull Unitarians 01482 244 622

One parent must attend each session. Older or younger siblings can attend by prior arrangement.

Our leader is Ralph Catts who is an educational psychologist with research and teaching experience. He is also the minister with Hull Unitarians.