Over the years, people have used the Unitarian Church in Park Street, Hull, for various forms of adult learning. We have now brought our programmes together under the banner of the Creative Learning Centre to make it easier for people to focus on and select classes for their wellbeing and personal development. Tutors or coordinators maintain their own classes and you can contact them directly by email or phone as indicated in each click-through presentation. Park Street offers Yoga, meditation, lecture and discussion groups, with occasional courses on weight management, spiritual practice and other personal growth and development activities.

Other than for the courses offered by Ralph Catts, none of the courses are affiliated to, or endorsed by, the Hull Unitarian Church as such. The Creative Learning Centre seeks to promote a wide range of health and wellbeing adult education programmes.

The Hull Unitarian Church building is being upgraded to full wheelchair access. The first step is the renovation of the toilets to provide a wheelchair accessible toilet which is being fitted in the near future.